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What were the criteria for each patient, if I can ask? I’m really curious about this sort of thing because I never have any issues making calls like that. I’m not sure if I’m very efficient at deciding cost/benefit or just an asshole.

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Man the Assignment we had in Philosophy class today stressed me out so much

"You are on the committee of ethics at the hospital. You have five kidney machines but 11 patients. ONly 5 can be allowed to live. Which five do you pick and why?"

Second part “Write a dialogue between yourself and one of the patients that didn’t make the cut”


What makes the show really, very special is the relationship between Will and Hannibal and the extreme tension that radiates from every frame whenever they are alone in a room together. Will Hannibal kiss him? Will he kill him? Will he eat him? Mixed signals, man. —SciFi Now and actual legitimate magazine (via the-doctor-to-my-tardis)

The answer to all is GOD PLEASE LET IT BE YES!

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